Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Potty Training 101

I hate changing diapers.
It's not the day to day diapers that bother me,
but those in public that make me the most crazy.
You're out visiting friends when you smell a walk by stink bomb.
Everyone in the room looks at you,
as if you were the one who filled your pants.

You grab your Lil' muffin and excuse yourself to a private place.
It's not that I don't love the alone time with my girl,
but seriously.....
she always picked the most interesting part of the conversation to do her business.
No one likes the smelly kid.

I decided when The Boss turned one that I would start toilet training.
We would put her on the potty periodically and see how it went.
Some days we would sit forever.
We would wait and wait.
We sang songs, and read books.
When she went we would celebrate with praise and a treat  
(crackers...she called them cookies and we didn't correct her).

She made progress, but we were travelling a lot,
and she had two ear infections so we didn't push her.
Then in October (she was 17 months) I we got serious.
I set December 25 as our goal.
Every night after dinner she went straight to the potty.
At first we sat for a long time,
but eventually she was asking to go as soon as we finished eating.
Once she caught on I added after lunch the days I was home.
I bought a travel seat and put her on no matter where we were.
Consistency is key!

When I felt confident in our progress I got our daycare involved.
They would put her on after lunch to get started,
and more often she got comfortable and would go for them.

At the beginning of December we hit a road block.
She would go when put on the potty,
but wouldn't tell us when she needed to go.
Those easy-ups are just to comfy,
so we moved to underwear.
She needed to feel uncomfortable, and that she did.
The first accident was one of the last.
I remember clearly the look on her face,
and the way she waddled over to me.
Eventually, with permission from our daycare provider,
we sent her to daycare in underwear.

We visited Florida over Christmas and I worried she would have accidents.
but she was a champ.
Even though she wore underwear at home I had her in easy ups.
An accident is much worse than a walk by stink bomb when visiting friends.
I was worried that with all the excitement and change she might forget.
Not the case at all.
This Girl was on it.
Asking constantly for the potty and telling anyone who would listen that she had gone.

I knew we were fully trained on the plane ride home,
I had her in an easy-ups again just in case!
She insisted on the plane she needed the "potty".
I started with "No, I think your okay."
Again she tried "Potty Mommy, Potty."
I said "Just go in your easy up".
I know, terrible parenting...have you seen an air plane bathroom?
She started crying and said "No, potty, potty."
She won, and we went to the potty.
Even in the smallest,
grossest bathroom,
amongst turbulence,
The Girl went!

Now she goes anywhere no matter what,
and yes I take pictures of her doing so.
Do you blame me?
How hilarious is she on the potty wearing her faux fur?

So 2012 will be diaper free for our family!
I'm so proud of the girl!

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