Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We've caught a bug....

Today this is my best friend.  The Girl woke me up in the middle of the night with the FLU!  Yuck...this was our first flu experience as parents.  Not fun!  I was literally running between her bed and ours cleaning up the messes she would make.  Yes, it was coming that quickly.  Once I got control of the situation I had a plan to minimize the spread of the mess.  It worked well and after a few hours of craziness, The Girl was clean, back in a fresh crib and done with the worst part of this bug.  Today we rocked the BRAT diet and The Girl spent most of the day sleeping.
Meanwhile, I have caught a different bug...the decorating bug.  We spent some time at IKEA this weekend picking up a few odds and ends for my office make over.  I am also determined to buy a new dinning table, would love a headboard for our bed and finishing off our rec room while I'm at it might not be a bad idea either.  Below are the items I picked up.  Two hanging shelves, a small navy pot, three round storage bins, and a pack of 4 tea towels that may or may not turn into pillows.                     

After our trip to IKEA we took dinner to my parents.  I was explaining to my Mom that I was wanting to make pillows for my office.  She had some extra pillow inserts that she gave me which will help with the overall cost of my of my reno.  
Pillow #1!  I used the majority of one tea towel for the front and some white fabric I already had for the back to maximize the use of the towels.  The tea towels cost me $3.99 for four and the inserts were free from my Mom, therefore this pillow cost me $1.  

The pillow looks nice on my bed (yes we changed our room around, and yes it needs some work) but it won't be staying there...much to masculine.  I will be moving it to my office, OR...I might just have another idea for it.

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