Sunday, January 22, 2012

Indoor Activities

The Boss has been sick, 
and the weather here has turned cold,
so I've been racking my brain for fun indoor activities.

As I was thinking, 
I remembered a time when I was young,
 and my Mom took my younger sister and I to the mall with our babies and strollers.
We loved it.

Knowing how much The Boss LOVES her stroller,
 I decided this was a great morning activity.
 I packed The Girl up and headed to the mall.

I went early, right after they opened to avoid  large crowds.
What great exercise!
We walked the mall...back and forth, back and forth.

Luckily we ran into my Mom at the mall.  
She joined us and helped me coral this crazy child.
The Boss marched through the mall like she owned the place.
Every so often she would leave her baby and run to look in the window of a store.
She would ignore all Men's stores and checked out all the Ladies fashions.

We did some window shopping, 

And posed a little along the way.

The Girl was in HEAVEN!

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