Monday, January 9, 2012


The Boss has Scarlet Fever....
That's Right,
She went back in time to 1850 and caught Scarlet Fever.

It's actually a lot more common than you'd think.
It's a strain of strep throat.
So, since The Girl showed no symptoms,
and didn't even whine,
it turned into Scarlet Fever.

We had a bunch of plans this weekend that my Hubby ended up attending alone.
Plans changed!
Instead of dinner parties and shopping,
I battled fevers between 102 and 103.8,
watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
and cuddled a steaming hot baby.
We also took a trip to the clinic for antibiotics.
We're back on amoxicillin!

Luckily we have new Christmas jams,
new toys,
and colouring books to keep us busy.
I have to give The Girl credit,
She really is a good little patient.

Feel better soon Baby!

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