Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge...I'm In!

While checking out some of the other "I Spy" links I came across a cute blog called Momma Bird.  Like many of the rest of us she started her blog to keep in touch with family but it has become an outlet for her life long adventure of being a Mommy.  She posted a 30 day challenge today and since this has been on my "To Do" list for quite sometime now I am joining!  By joining I am making myself accountable.  Thirty days takes me from today, to The Boss' first birthday party.  Perfect timing right?  Rock hard abs and beautiful triceps one year after Baby Girl was born...okay maybe not but on the right path at least right?'s the Challenge...
What: 100 sit-ups & push ups**
When: Daily (switch between the two - basically sit ups one day, the next is push ups)
Why: You want to stay fit
Where: In your own home
**the 100 sit-ups & push ups can be done throughout the day, just so long as you complete the 100!

Great idea Michelle.  I'm so excited!  Who's in?  Join us by linking in on her blog or leaving me a comment.  With summer on it's way who can risk not joining!


the Momma Bird said...

yeah!!! I'm so glad you joined in on the fun! It's only day #2 and I'm on pushups and I think I might die. I just have to remember the end result right?! ha ha Good luck!

TLF said...

I need to do this!!

{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

You are AWESOME!! You should come over to
and link this up! We're doing exercise week and this is JUST what we need! We're just getting started as well, we got your back girl! keep up the good work!