Friday, April 1, 2011

This Weekend....

The Boss' birthday is less than two months away and I am sooooooooo excited.  I started putting my ideas together for her party I think the day she was born! Crazy yes, but so exciting none the less.  I have a thousand projects I want to complete for her.  This weekend I will be working on the following projects.

Project #1:

Project #2:
 Project #3:
 Project #4:

This weekend we will also be celebrating my niece's First Birthday! 

 Happy Birthday Baby Abby!!!  I can't believe she is one already!  Our little April Fools baby.  Two weeks early she is the perfect little addition to my sister's family.  When we heard my sister was in labour my husband's first re-action was "it's a's April Fools today."  Well it was no joke!  She's was born one year ago and perfect in every way.  How excited were we when  eight weeks later The Boss was also a girl!

Her party is going to be so cute.  My sister has spent a ton of time planning for the party.  On Tuesday The Boss and I had a play date with my niece and nephew and my sister and I worked on projects for the party during nap time. I'll post pictures after the weekend.

Have a great weekend!

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