Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding

With the Royal Wedding just around the corner the media is in a total frenzy reporting live from Britain.  While I am just as excited as the next person to see the gorgeous gown and the over the top decor I can't help but feel sorry for Kate and William approaching their big day.  As I think back on my wedding and all the festivities leading up to it I cannot even begin to image the added pressure of virtually the entire world watching me.

I can only imagine it is many girls dream's to marry the heir to the thrown, but I wonder how many people actually sit back and think about what exactly that means.

I wonder...

Did William and Kate choose the guest list or were told who would be attending?

Did Kate have a lingerie shower with her girlfriends celebrating her marriage and talking about her upcoming honeymoon?

Did Kate visit bridal stores with her Mom and girlfriends and try on dresses or does she have to wear something custom?

Did William and Kate get any say on the marriage service or is it all chosen for them?

When you don't register for gifts, and you have very little influence on where you live and how your everyday life will pan do you build a life as a couple?

I loved my wedding...

I loved my dress,
I loved my shoes,
I loved  my flowers,
I loved our guests.

I loved our church,
I loved our venue,
I loved the size of our guest list,
I loved the intimacy of the event.

I loved our decor,
I loved our mini cakes,
I loved my caterer,
I loved our mid-night dessert buffet.

But Most of all I loved my groom,  and fleeing to Mexico for a week the next day.

Tell me about your Wedding!  In honour of the Royal Wedding, post your favourite things about your wedding either past, present or future.  Just be sure to post my button on the bottom of your post and encourage your friends to join!

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