Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready for Spring

We are soooooooo ready for spring, but living in Canada means we are only days away from Spring or our next snow fall.  We have had a couple of really nice spring days but the wind still seems a little chilly, hence why The Boss is still in her hat (which is getting too small, but I refuse to replace this close to spring) and mitts.  We have even had a gorgeous day followed by a snow fall.  I try to not get too excited for the warm weather and sunshine, but ever since getting back from Florida I really can't help but wish for spring.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year.  It is normally filled with bridal showers for the brides being wed in the summer, Easter and in my case Babies.  This time last spring was filled with babies.  It was like we were barn yard animals.  The spring hit and there was a baby born once a week for about two months solid.  With all these babies being born our spring this year has been filled with first birthday parties.

I posted last week about my nieces party and with that over it's time to focus on The Boss' party.  Like I have said before, I've been planning this day since the day she was born.  I have a list as long as my arm with the projects I want to complete for her party.  So, with only 7 weeks left until her party I need to get down to business.  I thought if I published my To-Do list publicly it would not only keep me accountable to complete a project a week BUT it would also help you all get excited for her party as well.  I know...you're all planning your outfits already.  It's the second biggest event next to the Royal Wedding.

Here's the List with visuals:

Birthday Hats

Birthday Girl Outfit- Don't have my materials yet.

Birthday Banner

Goodie Bags (Can't post a picture until day off...don't want to ruin the surprise)

Cake/Cup Cakes

Food- Not a clue...still thinking about this...I do want to do a candy bar though!

Birthday Gift


Am I missing anything?

Hope you are enjoy some spring weather wherever you are!

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