Thursday, April 21, 2011

Modern Kids Wear

One thing I love as much as I love baby girl headbands is modern kids wear.  I love shopping with The Boss and finding her unique items.  One afternoon while The Boss was napping I continued my shopping from the comfort of my couch and came across this awesome shop on Etsy, Heidi and Finn Modern Wears for Kids, that offered adorable patterns for kids. Heidi and Finn offers Modern Kids Wear both in pattern form and in one of a kind completed form at their studio shop.   Another thing that I love about them is they are Canadian and practically my neighbour.  

I LOVED pretty much every pattern she offered but being fairly new to sewing I put it off.  I have shown this site to a couple of my of my friends and they said if you try something let me know.  So girls...this is me letting you know.  I tried it and it was EASY.  Let me define was easy like I could do it.  I am, for the most part, a self taught sewer.  My Nana helped me make an apron for my Mom when I was like 10, but other than that when I have a sewing project (like The Boss' bumper pads) I head to my Nana's and she generally takes over and does it for me, because she can't stand watching me make a mess of my project.

Here is my finished product!


Back to this being easy...when you order a pattern from Heidi and Finn it is sent to you electronically as a PDF the first half of the package is step by step instructions (including colour photos) and the second section is the pattern.  I followed the package step by step and was thrilled with how it worked out well.  For someone self-taught I was shocked.  It looks exactly how it is supposed to look and probably took me about 3 hours max.  I contacted them before I even started the pattern and they were able to recommend some fabric stores in my area.  How nice of them is that?  I don't love the colours I choose, but I blame that mainly on the lighting at the fabric store I went to.  Mr. D hates when The Boss wears blue, so I think I might try this same coat again in Khaki?  But that's how easy it easy that I would make a second one, just because I can.  

Now that you love them as much as I do I have a little treat for you!  Heidi and Finn are offering Cheeky D in Heels readers a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Discount.  It's valid for 2 weeks from the date of this post. In order to cash in on this deal you need to purchase any two patterns in the shop and mention the code B2G1CHEEKYD along with the free pattern of your choice in the 'note to seller' section when checking out.  You can also follow their blog for new patterns and updates.

*Please Note: You only need to purchase 2 patterns, and NOT to purchase the free pattern, just let Heidi and Finn know what free one you would like in notes to the seller.  This offer is good for any patterns listed in the shop (excluding the package deals and the comfy yoga suit).

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