Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Update

Dear April 17, 

Really????    REALLY????

We woke up this morning to this....I know it's not a great picture but yes, that is a light sprinkling of snow.  I posted just a few days ago that we were excited for spring, but I said at the time I was trying to not get too excited because snow could be just around the corner at any minute.  I guess we are still waiting on spring.  Hopefully the Easter Bunny doesn't mind snow!


Unknown said...

are you for real? what's up with that?!

Heather H said...

Sorry, but I have to laugh at this! We live in Texas and we hardly ever see snow, but four years ago, it snowed ON Easter Day! Which was mid-April that month, so about this time. If it can happen to us in Texas, it can happen anywhere!

Hope it melts quickly and you get to see spring! I'd gladly trade our very early summer for a little spring myself right now!

Jessica said...

What a bummer to still be getting snow. I think the easter bunny has enough fur to keep him warm in the snow.