Friday, April 15, 2011


Nearly every Friday since The Boss has been born, we have spent the day with my Mom.  We have nicknamed it "Fun Friday".  I know, super original!  The idea behind it is we work hard all week so Friday we do something fun.  Sometimes we plan ahead of time and other days its more spontaneous.  So today, like many other Fridays, I called my Mom.  She didn't answer her home phone so I tried her cell...where could she be?  Here's how our phone call went....

"Hello" in a hushed tone,
"Mom...where are you",
"I'm supply teaching GRADE 8..."
"Why are you answering your phone then?"
"Oh they're on recess, but math is next"
Me gutting myself laughing....

My Mom is a retired grade 5 teacher.  She never taught any higher because lets be honest anything past grade 5 math is way over our head and the older they get the more 'tude they get.

So, long story short, Mom couldn't play today so The Boss and I went to one of my favourite thrift stores.  Here are a few things that I picked up while out today.

Okay, so a few of the items need a little "vision" if you will.  Top left especially.  Don't worry I have a plan for all of them.  They will all show up again in the next few weeks.  In fact two of them are in the garage drying right now.

AND 14 days until the Royal Wedding BTW!

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Unknown said...

that 2nd one (a mirror?) is FABULOUS! and those candlesticks? I loaded up on those for my DIY Hurricanes at DollarTree in the states! CRAZY! can't wait to see what you do with all these diamonds in the rough!