Friday, April 8, 2011

Celebrity Momma's Make Me Laugh

I picked up a copy of US Weekly while running some errands the other day.  I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to read about Reese Witherspoon's wedding (I didn't know she was engaged...yes I live in Mommy land.  Nothing else happens in the world except eating, sleeping and pooping) and I definitely needed an update on Brad and Emily, my BFF's from the bachelor.

After flipping through the magazine my favourite thing was the section "LOOSE TALK; What the Stars said this week".  I just had to share these.

This first one reminded me of my life...hence we call our baby "The Boss"

"Kids are definitely the boss of you.
 Anybody who will barge into the room when you are on the commode 
is the boss of you." 
On her 5-year-old being the true woman of the house, 
Tina Fey


"Coming back, the stroller's empty, but people can't see that... 
I'm dodging traffic and zipping in and out of potholes. 
 People think I'm the worst mom"
On running with her jogging stroller after taking her son to school
Julie Bowen

Okay, can you picture Julie running with her empty stroller.  People are probably horrified watching this Momma work it.  Also can you picture any mother running with her stroller and when you look in to see their baby (you know you all do look in people's strollers ever so subtly as you pass them because want to see if their baby is cuter than yours) and there is no baby there.  Hilarious!

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TLF said...

lmao!! Fun post!
I love Tina Fey!!