Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Fall Favourite...

Had one of these the other day, it is another fall favourite of mine!

I am loving all things pumpkin right now as we head toward Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend!  When I was living in Virginia a few years ago, my cousin and I couldn't make it home from Virginia to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family.  We settled for pumpkin spice lattes and funniest, most chaotic phone call to our family.   We took turns on the phone and were passed around the dinner table talking to each person at the table.  Every time I drink one of these I think about that call how close to home we felt when we were so far away.  I love you little Cuz! 


Katie said...

Great memory!!! And Im a big fan of ANYTHING pumpkin (especially these!)
Thanks for joining the hop today :)
Punkin Heads and Dooda Loos

Nicole Wellon {evieLu} said...

Hi there!. I'm following you now from our blog hop!. Thanks so much for linking up. Looking forward to getting to know you :) xx