Monday, October 24, 2011

I got home today at 10:15.
I am working on a large fundraiser and haven't stopped today until now.
I went to climb into bed and saw this....

At first I felt frustrated that there was yet another mess to be cleaned up,
but as I tidied them up I began to smile.
This little mess is a reminder of our morning routine.
I get The Girl from her crib,
and put her in bed with her Daddy.
 She lays there,
 has a bottle 
and watches Mickey Mouse Club House.

 I finish my shower,
 hop back in bed,
and have breakfast with my Girl.
She points out Minnie Mouse,
 and squeals like it's the first time.  
We eat together.
Her with her cheerios and I with cereal or toast.
Part way through, 
her cheerios spill in the process of hijacking whatever I have.
I love my morning cuddles and quality time with our little one before we start our day.

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