Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Game Day...

Today is game do I know that? 
Well as I sit here and type I can hear The Boss saying "Go Gators" 
(sounds a little more like "Go Gago" but we know what she means).

One of her Game Day uniforms
While my favourite things about fall are apple picking, the weather and fall decor,
The Hubby lives for his Florida Gators and college game day!

Teaching The Girl to tackle! Hilarious!
Over the years this is something that I too have come to love.
While I can't stand the idea of being trapped in the house all day on a beautiful fall day,
I usually drag the hubby away from the TV during the "unimportant match ups"
promising to return him in time for his Gators.

Funny how perspective changes.  
As I child we never watched college football (I'm Canadian, it is meek in comparison)
We would attend a University game in our city once a year,
when my Mom was away and Dad was in charge.
But now our tradition is football, family time and football food on fall Saturdays.

Here's a secret to why I love it,
While The Boss naps and again once she is in bed, I sit on the floor and craft.
Quality time with the hubby...he's happy and so I am!
After all, Friday night is date night in our house, by Saturday we have nothing left to talk about! 

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