Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fun Fall Decor

As I have mentioned many times before I LOVE fall!  It's not because of my birthday (that is any day now) but I just love the crisp air and fun fall activities.  Even with fall being my favourite season I have never really decorated my house for fall.  I always buy a pumpkin and often pick up a few gords that I never know what to do with, but other than that my house remains the same until I break out the Christmas decor, which for me happens pretty soon after halloween.

While I was at the dollar store the other night, picking up supplies for another project, I came across these window stickers.  I remember my Mom giving us Christmas ones for our rooms when we were  little kids and I loved them.  In an effort to be festive I picked up some fall leaves for The Boss.   She is only sixteen months so it was still a little advanced for her to do on her own but with some help she put the stickers on and off the windows a thousand times.  Each time she got a huge smile on her face.  The best part is that since the aren't stickers they can be reapplied as many times as The Girl wants and I won't find them stuck to any of my furniture.  It was a much bigger hit than I anticipated.  A dollar well spent!

This little person was so funny and so fun while we were doing this that I let her give me kisses while we were playing even though she clearly had a cold.  For that...I have had a sore throat all weekend!

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