Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Story of a White Pumpkin

My Mom LOVES white pumpkins, however the second part to her love is the stem.  A pumpkin is not perfect unless the stem is also as beautiful as the pumpkin itself.  So the other day when my Dad presented her with a pumpkin, much like a hubby presents his wife with flowers (yes, he is adorable), she was thrilled but had to hide the sinking feeling in her stomach.  What was wrong with this sweet act of kindness you might ask?  Well, take a look...

When my older sister stopped by she took one look at the pumpkin and died laughing.  Yes, her stem obsession is that well known in our family that my sister knew it was killing my Mom to display her pumpkin without a stem.  When I stopped by today I noticed she had found a solution to this stem problem.  Take a look.

What a great idea.  Not only does she look cutting edge with her modern pumpkin sculpture, but she can rest now and enjoy her stemless pumpkin.  Very creative Mom, looks great!

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